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Changing AV market

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Changing AV market


Electrosonic was looking for a reliable CRM system that could handle and support their distributed sales teams in US and UK.

The system’s goal was to simplify sales rep’s work, and act as an enabler in long B2B sales cycle.

​It coincided with implementation of an improved sales process delivered by a leading California-based sales consultancy.

Implement new innovative approach to the marketing services, introduce state-of-the-art, sophisticated, user-friendly digital tools to the yachting market today.

Some people are not so tech-savvy. in particular, sales representatives may only utilize basic solutions and avoid using any sophisticated technology.


After reviewing many options, the team decided to upgrade current Dynamics 365 to a newer version.

Re-design user interfaces and business flows.

Leading in modernization

Transformation is built into the culture at Electrosonic. Founded in 1964 the company has been recognized for its superior Planning and System Integration services in Audio/Visual industry.

With unique global capability, Electrosonic provides a comprehensive scope of technical and professional services in ICT and Network Infrastructure, Security, Surveillance and Access Control, Audio, Video and Control Systems, and Acoustics.

Building efficient and effective customer journeys

One of the challenges international companies have – is to provide consistent customer experience for their global clients.

The improved sales process was intended to enhance synergy between sales teams across US and UK countries.

Dynamics 365 was redesigned to follow Electrosonic best practices:

  • Lead tracking
  • Qualification and Deal management
  • Consistent Customer communication across Sales, Engineering, Support teams
  • UI re-design

Some aspects of the user experience had to be entirely redesigned. The improved document tracking system was implemented.

Improving Collaboration

The project composed of several stages. The new process was designed together with a leading Californian sales consultancy. They have years of experience in helping companies to streamline and improve their sales processes.

HubSpot, which was used by the firm’s marketing department to collect leads, was connected with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

After the qualified lead was handed off to the best sales person, the sales team had to study it and schedule an appointment.

This process was automated with the use of Microsoft Power Automate. Now, when a meeting is scheduled in HubSpot, an appointment is created in Dynamics 365 Sales automatically.

Engineering team got involved in the process as well. They needed to provide feedback on the feasibility of certain projects and make sure that salespeople were quoting the right price.

The development team used Microsoft Power BI to develop custom reports and dashboards for different teams.

They created a report that showed which products were selling well and which ones needed improvement.

​The sales team also needed to have access to the latest data about their customers and deals. To achieve this, Electrosonic used Power BI Embedded.

The new process was then piloted in the UK office. After successful implementation and user adoption, it was rolled out to the rest of the company.

The whole project took about three months from start to finish.

Working together to drive innovation

The implemented technology significantly improved transparency in sales and marketing processes, allowing salespeople to have greater insight and control over their deals while also giving them a projection of their expected income.

The system had shown to be highly efficient, capable of meeting precise sales goals.

​It also increased Electrosonic’s ability to manage more opportunities and clients at the same time, without overloading the sales team.

The company plans to use Dynamics 365 Sales and Power BI in other areas of their business, such as customer service and support.

They are also considering using Azure DevOps to streamline their software development.

 Thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365, Northrop & Johnson is able to continue being a leader in the luxury yacht charter industry.

About Dynamica Labs

Dynamica Labs is one of the oldest Dynamics CRM Partners and one of a very few companies with ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification for Dynamics CRM project delivery services.

For over 20 years we have been focused on 3 key CRM project goals: delivering measurable business results, following a cost-effective approach, providing the highest quality standards. Over the course of these years, we’ve taken part in hundreds of projects from SMEs to blue-chip global companies.

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