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Stacking Plan – or how to manage your tenants efficiently in Commercial Real Estate

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Stacking Plan – Or How to Manage Your Tenants Efficiently with the Best Commercial Real Estate CRM

Most Commercial Real Estate brokers often find it difficult to manage a multitude of their tenants, a challenge easily overcome with the proper use of real estate CRMs. Some tenants have lease expiration dates next month, others in three months. A good broker must act proactively to keep everything running smoothly.

Let’s review the 3 most common situations:

1. Brokers have a problem quickly assessing occupancy in their properties**: Knowing which units are occupied and which are vacant at a glance is crucial for effective management and is efficiently resolved with real-time capabilities of commercial real estate software.
2. It takes time for a broker to find the tenant’s lease expiration date**: Quick access to lease information is necessary to plan renewals and find new tenants. Integrating this function into real estate CRMs can provide real-time updates and improve efficiency.
3. Brokers want to know and plan ahead their activities (months before the lease expires)**: Proactive planning prevents last-minute scrambles and helps maintain high occupancy rates.

Adding “lack of time” to these challenges creates a serious issue. Every broker prefers to close deals rather than spending time pulling together research data; our CRM software, leveraging real estate CRMs best practices, aims to automate this process. To get a quick assessment and plan ahead your actions, the industry has a very useful solution – the Stacking Plan, now enhanced with real-time data through the best commercial real estate software.

What is a Stacking Plan?

The Stacking Plan is a visual representation of office units on each floor, along with lease expiration dates, providing real-time data crucial for real estate agents, significantly enhanced by integrating with commercial real estate CRMs. This simple, yet powerful tool helps brokers quickly assess occupancy and plan their activities well in advance, automating much of the transaction process. 

– Visual Overview: Colors indicate when lease agreements expire, providing a clear picture of occupancy on each floor in real-time, a feature supported by advanced commercial real estate CRMs.
– Efficiency: Add activities and create new lease agreements directly within the plan, saving time and effort, highlighted by the implementation of best practices in real estate CRMs.
– Proactive Planning: The overview facilitates quick situation assessments and activity planning in seconds, rather than hours.

Benefits of Using a Stacking Plan with CRM for Commercial Real Estate

Quick Occupancy Assessment

With the Stacking Plan integrated into the best commercial real estate CRM, brokers can immediately see which units are occupied, which are vacant, and when leases are set to expire. This visual aid, enhanced by real estate software, simplifies the process of managing multiple tenants and properties.

Time-Saving Features

The ability to add activities and create new lease agreements directly within the Stacking Plan interface means brokers can spend more time closing deals and less time on administrative tasks, thanks to the efficient use of commercial real estate software. This integration makes the CRM for commercial real estate an invaluable tool, especially when it includes features from advanced platforms like AscendixRE CRM or Zoho CRM.

Enhanced Proactive Planning

By seeing lease expiration dates at a glance, brokers can plan months in advance, utilizing our CRM software for better pipeline management. This ensures that they are always prepared for lease renewals or finding new tenants, leading to higher occupancy rates and smoother operations through the use of our real estate CRM software. The best CRM for commercial real estate makes this proactive planning even more efficient.

How It Works: A Quick Video

For a quick demonstration of how the Stacking Plan works, check out this short video. It illustrates the ease and efficiency of using this CRM platform to manage your commercial real estate properties effectively.

About Dynamica Labs

Dynamica Labs is one of the oldest Dynamics CRM Partners and one of a very few companies with ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification for Dynamics CRM project delivery services.

For over 15 years, we have focused on three key CRM project goals: delivering measurable business results, following a cost-effective approach, and providing the highest quality standards in customer relationship management. Over the years, we have participated in hundreds of projects, ranging from SMEs to blue-chip global companies, implementing CRM solutions tailored for the real estate industry.

Our expertise in CRM solutions extends beyond law firms to include the best CRM for the commercial real estate industry. Whether you are looking for the best commercial real estate CRM or a comprehensive CRM commercial real estate solution, Dynamica Labs has the experience and solutions to meet your needs, including options like AscendixRE CRM and HubSpot’s CRM tailored for commercial real estate.

By integrating our advanced CRM for commercial real estate with tools like the Stacking Plan, you can streamline your operations, save time, and focus on what matters most – your clients and their properties.

Igor Sarov