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Streamlining Appointment Scheduling with a Home Healthcare Solution Powered by Dynamics CRM

Home HealthCare  solutionHealthCare solution was designed to streamline and enhance appointments scheduling for therapists through the use of a healthcare CRM system.  This service is based on the facilities of  Dynamics CRM, which will give the therapists and patients a more flexible, and productive approach tofor diarythe timetable management. It provides the scheduling tool for keeping track of the therapist’s availability and unassigned appointments, in order to manage them more efficiently and in a user-friendly way, leveraging CRM in healthcare to optimize operations. 


Key benefits that are provided for customers

1. Easy to use timetable management solution, which integrates patient information and appointments in a healthcare CRM to merge unassigned appointments and therapists’ schedules up, ensuring optimal appointment management and patient experience. Both tables canould be viewed on the same screen. 

2. Flexible, time-saving tool that allows forto checking the  status of assigned appointments in an easily operated method, just through a cursory glance.Flexible time-saving tool that allows to do the status checks in easily operated method just through a cursory glance.

3. Implementing a CRM platform to facilitate better patient engagement in the healthcare industry, focusing on patient care and patient data management. Mobile application for therapists that enables them to see the schedule, and send updates back to the office in real time mode, using mobile devices.

4. Straightforward reporting tool to facilitate management tasks, incorporating features for efficient lead management within healthcare CRM systems.

Main features

  1. Scheduling: viewing all unassigned appointments and  the therapists` schedule in the Gantt Chart, scheduling a visit appointments into a chosen therapists schedule, browsing detailed information about a selected patient or therapist, creatingon  all scheduled visits in Outlook Calendar.

    Visit setting: adjusting visit settings, cancellation of appointments, possibility to clone visit with the same settings (same therapist, day and time) to the next week/”N” weeks.

    Weekly view of  schedule: switching views between day or week view, watching, and utilizing healthcare crm software to enhance scheduling efficiency. Available hours of the therapists for every day of the week, managed through a CRM system tailored for healthcare providers, ensuring a seamless patient experience.

    Displaying progress through healthcare CRM platforms to track patient treatments and outcomes effectively, ensuring optimal patient relationship management.: showing the Ratio of completed visits, representation of the total sum of all visits duration assigned to the therapist.

    Filters​: filtering of visits and therapists using advanced CRM features for better patient relationship management. below the Gantt Chart, choosing patients and therapists in special facility.

    View statuses: review the visit statuses to make rescheduling easier, integrating customer relationship management to improve healthcare organization interactions with a focus on healthcare CRMs., displaying all missed, or canceled visits in the report atin the end of the day​.

    Mobile application: view assigned visits time and statuses through the mobile devices, integrating CRM solutions to streamline healthcare services and enhance patient care.​,devicesUpdating scheduling in real-time mode, receiving notifications about new assigned visits, accepting reminders about upcoming visits, and automating communication through healthcare CRM software, enhancing efficiency and patient satisfaction.

    ​Reporting: enhanced with CRM in healthcare analytics for comprehensive insights. generatingon of the  required reports through the CRM system, creatingon rReports for a patient from a patient card, generated using healthcare CRM tools for a more personalized healthcare experience, aiming to improve patient satisfaction by efficiently managing patient information.​.

    Thanks to providingapplying of this solution to all therapists`, workflow will be simplifiedy and the time required for paperwork and patient management will be reduced, demonstrating the benefits of CRM in healthcare settings. 

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