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CustomNotes case study

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CustomNotes case study

User-friendly web application development for Real Estate company within 1 week

Despite the fast technological progress, in traditional real estate companies employers are making use of outdated systems and manually manage their day-to-day operations. This state of affairs hampers the development of the whole industry. In order to flourish companies should focus on involving new technologies. Today the owners of real estate companies clearly understand the opportunities of business process automation, therefore now a significant growth in demand for the CRM solution is being observed in this industry.

Once, one of our regular customers who has more than 30 years of considerable real estate experience asked us to help them to unite contacts, phone calls and multiple custom entities with notes. The unsatisfied client`s request became the beginning of CRM implementation at this real estate company, being that they manually had written notes in the notebook.

Client expectations
Our customer wanted to simplify the work with the notes, they needed a tool which would help them to write these notes faster and more comfortable, and grant a possibility of reading entered data in a report.

As soon as all client requirements were gathered and refined we started working on one application for all customer needs, which determined our problem solving approach: to create Web Resource on Contact form, where users could add these notes handier.

From obstacles to solution
We had encountered with client`s necessity to add and edit their notes, and after adding notes phone call must be closed. So, for modifing notes we should modify some data from closed activity (phone call).

In the long run, for speeding up of the processing queries (retrieve/activate/deactivate/update) all queries were processed asynchronously.

Lessons learned
Based on our experience with this project, we would like to warn those who resolve similar problems.
  1. Do not use outdated technologies for resolving requirements (like Silverlight).

  2. Avoid using the custom fonts/colors different from CRM fonts/colors, because the application should look like a typical CRM functionality.

  3. Keep in mind, if the solution is being built for a long time the client may not need this business process anymore, or for new versions of CRM the solution will not be available. Accurately evaluate time required for building solution, stay updated, follow breaking CRM news.

Solution stack

  • CRM Access – CRM API

  • Programming language – C#

  • .Net Framework 4.0


In the course of just 1 week all client requirements were satisfied and we have built user-friendly web application (very similar with typical CRM notes). Thanks to our solution, time for registration and analyzing custom notes was decreased. Furthermore, this implementation positively impacted users` productivity and capacity. In addition, client employees have been familiarized with using IT techniques. We are really proud of achievements of our team at this project.

About Dynamica Labs
Dynamica Labs is one of the oldest Dynamics CRM Partners and one of a very few companies with ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification for Dynamics CRM project delivery services.

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